I’m Your Dirty Sacred

"Let's get up of our knees
We are more than we believe
Let's come and stand together
To build a better place!
The world we've always dreamed of
The world that we are made for
Let's reclaim humanity!
Let's reclaim dignity!"

Let's enter the Age of Aquarius with dignity, bravery & freedom in our hearts!
♒♒♒ Sing along and manifest the world of free human beings ♒♒♒

Manifesto (I Dream)
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"The time is now.
Wake up to a wild call of Nature. FEEL.
Discover the magnificence of Her spirit. HEAL.
Be the one with Her source. BLEND.
Open up to Her. SEE.
Experience Her potential. REAL.
Fall in love with Her essence. TRUE.
Adore Her presence. BE.”

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"Let your heart crumble
Into an infinite amount of tiny precious seeds
Then plant love everywhere you go"
(Anita Krizzan)
"Melody tells a story of blooming flower that shows it's inner beauty, being vulnerable, though having no fear of rejection.
It's a story about openness and trust in a relationship."

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“Allow your mind to submerge into unknown
And let your heart experience
Because everything what comes in to the flow
Is a phantom in a flux of existence
Duality made me separate from Divine
But I want to tell you a secret
There is no difference between darkness and light

Come Closer
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